imageDallas Moore - Blessed Be the Bad Ones- (2013) “Blessed Be The Bad Ones” marks the most ambitious, realized effort yet by Outlaw Country Masters The DALLAS MOORE BAND.  Literally re-inventing the wheel on the entire genre all the while presenting a fresh, new take on Classic Southern Music.  .”.Dallas Moore - Blessed Be the Bad Ones - Blessed Be the Bad Ones

Hank To Thank LRDallas Moore - Hank to Thank- (2011) feat/Jody Payne This live recording captures the very essence of a foot-stompin’, hell raisin’, honky tonk band paying tribute to the King of Country’s soul. Raw, real, gritty and in your face, cranked up “Loud and Proud.” Country music the way it was, the way it is, and the way it oughta be, and for that friend we truly have  “Hank To Thank”.Dallas Moore - Hank to Thank - Hank to Thank

PG_SS_Cvr_LR SQPure Grain - Sowing Seeds- (2011) With a flawless blend of southern soul, funky Jerry Reed-style country, and old school blue collar rock, Pure Grain is the real deal. These guys and gals have created their own unique sound that will appeal to music fans of all stripes.” – Adam Sheets – No Depression / XXX Movement Co Founder.Pure Grain - Sowing Seeds - Sowing Seeds


Fifth on the Floor - Dark and Bloody Ground- (2010)
With the 2010 release of their sophomore record "Dark and Bloody Ground", Fifth on the Floor has built a rock-solid testament to honest music, with nothin'-but-guts songs like "Shine", "On My Way", and "The Fall". The record describes hard times, but with its chin up and its fists raised.Fifth on the Floor - Dark and Blood Ground - Dark and Bloody Ground

Pure Grain - Out of the Storm- (2009) From southern fried rock to raw funk, country hooks, and bluesy soul, Pure Grain delivers with "out of the Storm" featuring newcomer vocalist Courtney D'Amico"We Know you'll be a fan too after you hear "Truckin Song"- Dave Nemo Sirius/XM Road Dog Truckin Channel Pure Grain - Out of the Storm - Out of the Storm

Dallas Moore - Can't Tame a Wildcat - (2009) Mixing dirty honky-tonk and southern rock with elements of down home bluegrass and raucous roadhouse blues. "Outlaw Country" is a killer, kick-ass number ... some bad-ass mofo's ..." -Sirius/XM Outlaw Country Channel Dallas Moore - Can't Tame a Wildcat - Outlaw Country

Ridge Runner - Kickin and Stompin- (2009) Ridge Runner weaves a tantalizing web of mainstream country, mixed with a nice dose of progressive rock, a pinch of bluegrass, and a dash of funk, into a unique sound they affectionately refer to as “Funktry”Ridge Runner - Kickin and Stompin - Stompin'

Peppertown -Change My Ways EP- (2008) Features previously unrelased versions of "Change my Ways" and "Early Midnight"Peppertown seamlessly connects the country/rock divide with its bluesy, acoustic sound" -Kari Wethington CinWeekly Peppertown - Change My Ways - Change My Ways

Dallas Moore - Tales from a Road King- (2008) “With hits like “Down in Dixie” and “Mama was a God Fearin' Woman (Daddy was a Hell-Raisin' Man,” the up-and-coming country maverick has won over Willie Nelson, and David Allan Coe.” - Independent Florida Sun Dallas Moore - Tales from a Road King

Fifth on the Floor -Color of Whiskey- (2007) FOTF wears their country/americana roots on their collective sleeves, yet the rock-infused energy of their live performance is something to behold. A Fifth on the Floor show is not unlike a one night stand: they let their hair down, kick your ass, and, with any luck, you'll remember it in the morning. Fifth on the Floor - The Color of Whiskey - Southern Pride

Peppertown - Firefly-(2007) "This five-piece Indiana band's debut CD is most intriguing. Its sound manages to be basic and rootsy, yet sophisticated and jazzy at the same time. I can see this mixture of solo electric guitar with acoustic instruments appealing to jam-band fans, Americana programmers, folkies and rockers. Refreshing and recommended!" -Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine Peppertown - Firefly - My Addictions

Pure Grain - Freedom Child- (2005) The EP inspired by letters from soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. Dedicated to all the men and women who have defended the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Pure Grain works with Operation Thank You Indiana chapter to send free cd's to our troops.Pure Grain - Freedom Child - Freedom Child

Pure Grain - No Regrets- (2002) Elements of blues guitar raked over country-soul penetrate deep into the grooves of this Midwestern bands' sound. Impressive song writing, smooth and memorable melodies build up each song with an infectious sultry edge. A guttural, emotive vocal delivery drives the bands' songs". - Southbound Beat Magazine Pure Grain - No Regrets