Outlaw Music Hall of Fame

  Outlaw HOF LogoLynchburg, TN—Gary “Sarge” Sargeant, head of the Tennessee non-profit Outlaws and Icons, announced today that a facility has been acquired in Lynchburg, Tennessee, that will become the home for the new Outlaw Music Hall of Fame, set to open in the spring of 2014.

The Hall of Fame will be dedicated to those artists, both musicians and songwriters, whose work best exemplifies the qualities of the Outlaw movement that first began in the 1970s and has gained renewed momentum as an alternative to the current Nashville pop country scene. In doing so it will place the spotlight on music firmly attached to the roots of country. Moreover, the Hall of Fame will educate the public about Outlaw country, memorialize founders of the genre—such as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Jessi Colter—recognize current Outlaw artists, and provide a platform for them and for the independent record labels who currently have little if any voice in the industry.

The facility encompasses more than 5,000 square feet and under the direction of architect Thomas Bartoo will feature a state-of-the-art layout, including interactive displays. There will also be a studio to allow for live broadcasts to be streamed over the Internet.

Located right on the town square in Lynchburg, the Outlaw Music Hall of Fame will sponsor a concert series each April to November to showcase independent roots country artists.

Along with the Hall of Fame, there will be established the Outlaw Music Association. It will bring together independent artists, songwriters, and record executives to promote roots country. It will also recognize accomplishments by each of these.

Sarge calls the Outlaw Music Hall of Fame “a real, viable, vibrant alternative to Nashville, one that fits in nicely with Lynchburg as the home of the Jack Daniels distillery, and one that will show what genuine country music is, as opposed to the highly polished sound coming from Music Row.”

The initial Board of Directors has been appointed. It consists of Gary Sargeant, Jeremy Tepper (Program Director for SiriusXM's Outlaw Country channel), Thomas Bartoo (designer with Method Architecture in Chattanooga, Tennessee), David Spangenburg (professor of entertainment law), Neil Hamilton (history professor and author of Outlaws Still At Large!), Terry Jennings (CEO and founder of Korban Music Group), Brian DeBruler (CEO and president of Sol Records), Joe Swank (head of radio promotions and tour press at Bloodshot Records), and Sloane Stewart (the mayor of Lynchburg).

Donations and patrons opportunities are available at www.outlawmusichalloffame.com and at outlawsandicons.net. The first inductions into the Outlaw Music Hall of Fame will take place soon.

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