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Dallas Moore Live Review

By:Johnny Edlin

As soon as I heard it was confirmed, I knew I would be there and would write a review. April 2012, The Dallas Moore Band, in Bowling Green, Ky at the Spillway. It was a Thursday, Work was a conflict of schedule but I would Manage. Not to mention my poor girlfriend who had to deal with my drunk a** and drive me home (which ended up being 2am).  I interviewed Dallas and hung out with the band. They all proved to be  a group of home brewed, down to earth, good ole boys.

It was finally time for the band to take the stage. They opened with a Waylon cover, Waymore’s Blues. Followed by several original songs, which the audience danced,drinked, hooted and hollered their approval all the way through. The audience especially enjoyed the very personal song, As Good As It Gets. "If I had known I was gonna live this long, I would've taken better care of myself." Several folks hollered "Amen brother" and clapped acknowledging how they could relate.

I checked my watch. At 9:50 pm central time, there was over 50 people at the Spillway Bar and Grill in Bowling Green, Ky. Later I spoke to owner Robert Baxter who said, "The Dallas Moore Band drawled the biggest audience we've ever had on a Thursday night at the Spillway." I sat there trying to be professional and not get drunk. Click to read full article (more...)

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