Dallas Moore- Can't Tame a Wilcat

"Can't Tame a Wildcat" finds Dallas again backed up by his incredible band and delivering some Southern rock/Outlaw country instant classics. Original tunes like “Outlaw Country,” a true theme song for the Willie, Waylon and me crowd, and the attitude soaked “Damn Sure Works for Me.” Of course Moore writes about what he knows best, bikes, women, booze and the road, as in “Rollin On” and “Hot Blooded Mama,” a real rockabilly romp. Of course Dallas can also tell the story of love and heartbreak when he has to, as on “With All My Heart,” and “Why?” With "Can't Tame a Wildcat", Dallas Moore proves himself once and for all as a worthy heir to the Outlaw country throne. In one song he includes himself in a verse alongside Shooter and Hank III and it didn’t even make me raise an eyebrow. No sir. He fits that crowd like a glove. He has earned it, and we are so damned proud of him.

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