Red Beard’s Revenge


Red Beards Revenge was formed in 2011 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founding member, James Funk, aka ‘Red Beard’, has been playing professionally since 1996 with bands, 2DaysAway, The Burn Brothers and playing solo shows. Enthused with Bluegrass, Country, Blues, and Rock, James has found a way to merge these styles along with his red beard and unique voice and hillbilly picking with a southern rock twang.

RBR will be releasing their debut album in April, 2013. Titled, Jim Jimmy James, RBR recorded at their label’s studio, Sol Records,  in Bright, Ind.

Jason Gay aka Newky Stapleton is a young guitar-slinger whose soul and roots are in Americana music. He has played with Lens Lounge and The Stapletons. He is an accomplished player that has performed at venues throughout the Eastern USA , received 2003 Cammy Award for Rock Instrumentalist, and has performed with multiple artists from G. Love & Special Sauce, Peter Frampton, Scott Miller & The Commonwealth to Big Joe Duskin and Blondie.

“Newky Stapleton’s lead guitar provides the instrumental edge, moving from razor sharp blues licks into twangy country rave-up and back again” – Larry Nager – Cincinnati Enquirer

Jason Wilcoxon has been playing various instruments in Cincy-area bands since he was at Lakota High School. At Miami University, he began playing country and roots music, and has been stuck there ever since. In 2003, he moved from guitar and mandolin to bass for a gig with Len’s Lounge, and has been covering the low end ever since in bands like Lens Lounge, Headphone and now Red Beard’s Revenge.

Any musical talent he lacks he more than makes up for in testosterone, growing a beard with the very best of them.

Dan Baechle – A transcendent percussionist with a passionate history with the diverse genres of life and music – Blues, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Country, Orchestral, Latin, Caribbean, Afro-Cuban, Middle Eastern and West African – he’s proficient in all.
He shares his music with many bands including Wo-Yingi, Foxy McCoy, Len’s Lounge and The Keshvar Project. His pursuits of leisure include managing money, conversational slide & slides, and the reformation of the body and soul. He’s a man with a solid beat and an open soul. His managerial skills keep us in the black; his rhythm keeps us on the beat. In suit and tie he walks among the everyday but in secret lyres he transforms into a mystical driver of the dancing mob.