About Sol Records

“Sounds of the south, filtered through the midwest, steeped in barbecue sauce and soaked in whiskey.” SOL Records gives a global voice to the extraordinary regional talents of the Midwestern United States.

SOL Records was founded in 1994 and is operated by producer/drummer, Brian DeBruler, a 24+ year veteran of the Midwest country/americana music scene. In 1999  DeBruler, a Berklee School of Music alumnus, joined forces with  percussionist Michelle D’Amico, a creative force, marketing guru, photographer/videographer  and began taking the organization to new heights.

All of the bands currently recording for the SOL imprint, Dallas Moore,  Pure Grain, Red Beard’s Revenge, Peppertown, and Ridge Runner have had previous national releases and national radio and media attention. The bands of SOL Records are birds of a feather, but all have uniquely identifiable sounds. These bands are poised for national recognition, and collectively are making their mark on the country music scene with one giant footprint.

In the new music business model, SOL Records is a driving force of musical entrepreneurship, talent, and determination.  As records labels close their doors daily, SOL Records is growing, stepping back to the old days of King, Motown, Sun, Staxx and Chess Records, full of real heart and passion for music. Just listen to that sound…That Sol Records sound!